upper hill tower

Client: Private

Location: Upperhill, Nairobi

Facility: Mixed Use Development

SIte-Area: 2.67 Acres

Status: Ongoing

Paul Oburu, Aspera’s Design Director was invited to provide a design proposal for a 60 storey plus tower on a plot in Upper hill, Nairobi. The client’s brief required an iconic and high-end, striking design that would be the tallest building in Nairobi. The proposed tower comprises of 3 basements, 4 storey podium and 60 floors above the ground. The basement would accommodate car parking and mechanical service equipment. The podium would accommodate 2 retail floors, separate lobbies for the hotel, office, and apartments respectively.

​ The tower will consist of 180 hotel keys, 7 office floors, 2 mechanical floors, 40 apartment floors, 2 luxury penthouse floors. The top of the tower will consist of an apex sky lounge and observatory deck that is a celebration of being at the top of the city of Nairobi. The design inspiration of the tower comes from traditional African shields, The three elongated sheaths wrap the extruded triangular floor plate of the tower, to create a majestic icon in the sky. The shields are finished in white aluminium aerofoil cladding, chiselled out to allow for glazed infills, shaded by horizontal strip balconies. The Apex is cut out to allow for uninterrupted views from the galleries, sky lounge and observation deck above.

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